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From Peter Koželj <>
Subject Re: AccountManagerPlugin
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2013 10:52:12 GMT
On 3 January 2013 17:01, Ryan Ollos <> wrote:

> Hello Bloodhound devs,
> I've been testing the latest release of !AccountManager, and found a few
> minor issues that will be fixed in the upcoming release (0.4.3):
>  *
>  *
> I don't think those issues are serious enough to go into the details here,
> but if you are experiencing any issues that you think might be related to
> AccountManager, feel free to ping me as I've also been helping with user
> installation issues and may be familiar with problems you may come across.
> Since AccountManager is an important part of Bloodhound, I've been getting
> up to speed on the codebase with the intention of making some significant
> contributions to the plugin. So far I've tackled just some minor WebAdmin
> UI enhancements:
>  *
>  *
>  *
>  *
>  *
>  *
> As I become more familiar with the codebase I'll start to tackle larger
> features. I'll be working with the plugin maintainer to layout a feature
> roadmap for upcoming release and provide more information here when that
> information is available.
> For now, I just wanted to list some of the features that are on the table
> for upcoming releases, and give the Bloodhound community the chance to
> comment on what might be most important to tackle for upcoming releases. I
> will consider focusing my efforts according to whatever feedback I receive.
> The following is a list that I've loosely prioritized according to my
> current thinking:
>  1. #10747:  Allow accounts to be created from the command line by
> implementing IAdminCommandProvider interface, and consider other commands
> to implement
>  2. #10002: Allow accounts to be manually locked
>  3. #1001: Implement an extensive XmlRpc interface
>  4. #3113: Implement more extensive password policy checks
>  5. Integrate the UserManagerPlugin (I've taken over maintenance of this
> plugin and will provide more info on what this plugin provides once I get
> more up to speed on the codebase).
>  6. #9947: Integrate functionality of FineGrainedPageAuthzEditorPlugin
>  7. Integrate the HtGroupsEditPlugin
>  8. #9943: Add group-based and preference-based configurable login page
>  9. Integrate the PermRedirectPlugin
>  10. Enhance the plugin's macros by integrating the UserStatsMacro and
> WikiStatsMacro.

There is one thing that I am missing from this list that should probably be
number 1: Bloodhound multiproduct awareness
I must admit that I am not familiar enough with AccountManager plugin and
Trac's security model at the moment to form a proper feature request.

I will look into both to get an idea what we want/need here. If it turns
out that BH requires some BH multiproduct specific changes to be useful to
us, do we have any idea how plugin author would see such a request?

> There are numerous other minor enhancements that I'll consider tackling as
> well, which can be seen in the current list of open tickets. I won't take
> the time to list those here, but please take a look and comment on the
> tickets if you have any interest:
> On a related note, over the past month or so I have started contributing to
> the AnnouncerPlugin and reviewing the open issues and codebase, and feel
> that I have a fairly good overview of what issues need to be resolved
> before we can consider integrating that plugin into Bloodhound. I will post
> my findings to the Bloodhound dev list in the near future. However, I just
> wanted to say now that I don't see that plugin being suitable for
> integration for several months. Both AccountManager and AnnouncerPlugin are
> maintained by the same developer, and his current focus is on
> AccountManager. I have commit access to both plugins, but the developer
> likes to review the patches before I submit them, so the bottleneck will be
> the amount of attention he can give to a particular plugin. After preparing
> several patches for AnnouncerPlugin and having them sit for a while, I
> decided to shift attention to AccountManager for now, in order that my
> efforts would be better synced with that of the developer's, and my patches
> would be integrated in a timely manner. I still think we can target
> AnnouncerPlugin integration to Bloodhound for Q2 of this year.
> - Ryan

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