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From Ryan Ollos <>
Subject AccountManagerPlugin
Date Thu, 03 Jan 2013 16:01:32 GMT
Hello Bloodhound devs,

I've been testing the latest release of !AccountManager, and found a few
minor issues that will be fixed in the upcoming release (0.4.3):

I don't think those issues are serious enough to go into the details here,
but if you are experiencing any issues that you think might be related to
AccountManager, feel free to ping me as I've also been helping with user
installation issues and may be familiar with problems you may come across.

Since AccountManager is an important part of Bloodhound, I've been getting
up to speed on the codebase with the intention of making some significant
contributions to the plugin. So far I've tackled just some minor WebAdmin
UI enhancements:

As I become more familiar with the codebase I'll start to tackle larger
features. I'll be working with the plugin maintainer to layout a feature
roadmap for upcoming release and provide more information here when that
information is available.

For now, I just wanted to list some of the features that are on the table
for upcoming releases, and give the Bloodhound community the chance to
comment on what might be most important to tackle for upcoming releases. I
will consider focusing my efforts according to whatever feedback I receive.
The following is a list that I've loosely prioritized according to my
current thinking:
 1. #10747:  Allow accounts to be created from the command line by
implementing IAdminCommandProvider interface, and consider other commands
to implement
 2. #10002: Allow accounts to be manually locked
 3. #1001: Implement an extensive XmlRpc interface
 4. #3113: Implement more extensive password policy checks
 5. Integrate the UserManagerPlugin (I've taken over maintenance of this
plugin and will provide more info on what this plugin provides once I get
more up to speed on the codebase).
 6. #9947: Integrate functionality of FineGrainedPageAuthzEditorPlugin
 7. Integrate the HtGroupsEditPlugin
 8. #9943: Add group-based and preference-based configurable login page
 9. Integrate the PermRedirectPlugin
 10. Enhance the plugin's macros by integrating the UserStatsMacro and

There are numerous other minor enhancements that I'll consider tackling as
well, which can be seen in the current list of open tickets. I won't take
the time to list those here, but please take a look and comment on the
tickets if you have any interest:

On a related note, over the past month or so I have started contributing to
the AnnouncerPlugin and reviewing the open issues and codebase, and feel
that I have a fairly good overview of what issues need to be resolved
before we can consider integrating that plugin into Bloodhound. I will post
my findings to the Bloodhound dev list in the near future. However, I just
wanted to say now that I don't see that plugin being suitable for
integration for several months. Both AccountManager and AnnouncerPlugin are
maintained by the same developer, and his current focus is on
AccountManager. I have commit access to both plugins, but the developer
likes to review the patches before I submit them, so the bottleneck will be
the amount of attention he can give to a particular plugin. After preparing
several patches for AnnouncerPlugin and having them sit for a while, I
decided to shift attention to AccountManager for now, in order that my
efforts would be better synced with that of the developer's, and my patches
would be integrated in a timely manner. I still think we can target
AnnouncerPlugin integration to Bloodhound for Q2 of this year.

- Ryan

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