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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject Re: Upgrading existing Trac project to Bloodhound
Date Tue, 07 May 2013 19:09:49 GMT
On 5/7/13, Anze Staric <> wrote:
> Existing Trac installation can be either upgraded to bloodhound or
> migrated to a new bloodhound_install.

> A currently missing third option is a way to move data from an
> existing trac env to an existing bloodhound env (to consolidate data
> from different envs to multiple projects in one env).

FWIW , we could abstract some details and work towards importing a
common ┬źdata backups┬╗ format that can be generated by similar systems
(including legacy Trac environments) . I've recently been reviewing
Bitbucket's format , which seems to be very interesting . I'll be
using it in the future .

Is there any chance for us to implement such import/export data format
? That would make Bitbucket migrations easier . Does JIRA offer a
similar import / export functionality ?

> I used the migration when testing upgrade to multiproduct, as all I
> had was a database backup. Has anyone tried the upgrade approach
> recently?

I will have to upgrade a Trac 0.11 instance to BH trunk sooner rather
than later .

> I've tried it on an empty project created by initenv, but do
> not have any real trac envs to upgrade.

FWIW I will be using the instance deployed at . Is something like that what you are
looking for ?

I should also have a local version also containing pastes , and maybe
a few more things .

BTW , how do upgrade procedures behave with plugin data ... in practice ?



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