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From Ben <>
Subject Re: BH & uwsgi [fixed]
Date Sun, 01 Sep 2013 17:48:11 GMT
Sorry for the noise on the list -- I figured out the issue.

For anyone interested -- the uwsgi lockup was caused whenever I went to 
the Admin/Users page (admin/accounts/users) and the problem was how I 
migrated my 0.12 trac data to bloodhound. Using the tracmigrateplugin on 
0.12 trac, I migrated my install to a postgres db and a dummy file 
location. I then pointed my new BH install to use this postgres database 
and ran trac-admin upgrade. That worked fine importing tickets and my 
wiki (although wiki is under default product @ instead of root). 
However, I didn't move over my auth file as for testing I wanted to 
control who could log in. But the db migrate pushed the session and 
session_attribute data to my new install and that seems to have caused 

I wiped the content of the session and sessio_attribute data in my db 
and that seems to have fixed going to the Admin/Users page and hopefully 
all uwsgi lock-up issues. Probably a small bug that extra content in 
sessions causes a lock-up.

If anyone how recommendations on a better way to move data from trac 
0.12 (sqlite) to bh 0.7 (postgres), advice appreciated.



On 09/01/2013 10:57 AM, Ben wrote:
> I'm having problems with bloodhound and uwsgi. It works fine most of 
> the time (and seems fast), but occasionally, it locks up such that I 
> have I have to restart my uwsgi server (webserver retruns 504 gateway 
> timeout). I'm running trac 0.12 on uwsgi at the same time (different 
> uwsgi config) and it is unaffected. Anyone successfully running BH 
> with uwgi?

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