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From Ben <>
Subject Modify Ticket Options
Date Wed, 04 Sep 2013 02:32:32 GMT
On my Bloodhound 0.7 install, when click on modify ticket, I cannot modify:

Assigned to (owner)

Looking at ticket #647 <> 
I see someone asking about this with regard to changing the product. But 
I'm confused about what is said in the ticket. It seems to say

a) that is complicated and can't be done until we finalize some ticket stuff
b) here's how to do it.

b) involves a batch edit of tickets, and that seems to work fine in my 
experience (for both changing product and owner).

So, is there any reason not to have the modify ticket page let you do 
these changes as the backend is already implemented (I believe) as it 
can just be a batch change of one ticket. Is it just that this hasn't 
been implemented yet, or are there larger issues? (I guess changing the 
product is tricky as it changes the url to the ticket, but I think a 
warning would be sufficient.) Changing who is assigned the ticket seems 

Re: Proposals/BEP-0010 
<> which is 
referenced in the ticket. For what it is worth, I think Alternative 1 is 
quite nice. I would add an admin setting to select which of the two 
ticket referring methods to use for links from within bh:

  /env/ticket/<ticket-id> -> (ticket-id) -> ticket
  /env/products/<product-prefix>/ticket/<scoped-id> -> (product-prefix, 
scoped-id) -> ticket

as then you can choose it ignore product scoping if you want (I never 
want my urls to change and I don't want anyone linking to ones that 
might) or you can use it (maybe restricting access to some products at 
the web server level, cleaner url separation).

(I'm really liking BH so far -- thanks everyone -- not being able to 
(easily) modify the owner of a ticket is the only hiccup I've come 
across so far, which is great)


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