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From Gary Martin <>
Subject Re: BEP-0007 Embeddable tickets - final two weeks
Date Wed, 18 Sep 2013 18:25:11 GMT
On 11/09/13 12:49, Antonia Horincar wrote:
>> 3. I think the embed results would benefit from some more active styling.
>> I've created ticket #659 [1] to make a suggestion for how this could look.
> That's true, however I wasn't sure what would be a good appearance for
> them. But, as you said, we'll probably receive some suggestions in ticket
> #659 (and we'll also have the mockup you mentioned in this ticket).

I can't see any more suggestions for the way it should look in #659 so 
if there is still time you might want to consider how you would want to 
style it. It may be worth just getting Joe to say what specific problems 
he wanted to address but it may just be enough to give the views enough 
style to provide a bit of identity to what is displayed. There is not 
much context to it to let users know where the embedded item has come 
from other than the links themselves.

Incidentally, I just spotted that I needed to add a 
bloodhound_embedding_plugin/bhembedding/tests directory to allow 
installation to work. I don't remember that the last time I looked at 
the code but I could just have forgotten.


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