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From Ben <>
Subject Re: Modify Ticket Options
Date Fri, 20 Sep 2013 15:08:35 GMT
On 9/19/2013 6:12 PM, Ryan Ollos wrote:
> Hi Ben,
> Did the feedback from Olemis help you sort out the issue of not being 
> able to change the owner? Was it just a matter of not noticing the 
> place where it can be changed on the form? I could imagine someone 
> focusing on the //Assigned to admin// in the form shown below, and not 
> noticing that the button with the label //Status// allows the ticket 
> owner to be changed using the Workflow dialog. If you have any 
> suggestions where we can improve in this area, please let us know!
Ryan, yes I just missed the place to change the owner of a ticket as it 
wasn't not where I was expecting it. But Olemis's comments got me sorted 
out.  As for changing the project of a ticket, I think it would be a 
very useful feature but it sounds like the project / ticket structure is 
in flux and needs to be finalized before adding this feature. As I 
understand it, the fact that that batch change currently works on 
changing a ticket's product is more luck than design and may break as 
things settle.


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