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From Gary Martin <>
Subject Re: [Apache Bloodhound] #673: Many owners in My Ticket widget in /products/prefix page
Date Mon, 30 Sep 2013 11:04:25 GMT
On 30/09/13 07:14, Ryan Ollos wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 27, 2013 at 8:53 AM, Olemis Lang <> wrote:
>> On 9/27/13, Ryan Ollos <> wrote:
>>> On Thu, Sep 26, 2013 at 1:08 PM, Olemis Lang <> wrote:
>>>> On 9/26/13, Ryan Ollos <> wrote:
>>>>> On Tue, Sep 24, 2013 at 11:29 PM, Apache Bloodhound <
>>>>>> wrote:
>>>> [...]
>>>>> Btw, how does one navigate to the product view
>>>>> `/products/<product>/products/<product>`? It doesn't seem
to be linked
>>>> from
>>>>> anywhere, at least in a default configuration. Shouldn't it be linked
>>>> from
>>>>> the product list page  `/products`?
>>>> AFAICT products list page (both global and local) are not linked from
>>>> anywhere else (cmiiw) . AFAICR there was a main nav once upon a time
>>>> ... prior to bep 3 and latest theme implementations .
>>> I propose we do the following:
>>>   - Link the Product list page (`/products`) from somewhere that is always
>>> visible (mainnav would be the most obvious choice).
>> +
> So should be just add a "Products" to the mainnav? I don't have a better
> idea, and it seems like a good enough choice (#678).

I'm not actually all that keen to add more to the default mainnav. I was 
thinking that it might be better to provide a more uniform breadcrumb 
across all views. We already have the ability to select products from 
various ticket related pages and this has the All products link to the 
products page. How would people feel if we also had this product 
dropdown available for wiki pages, for example?

We may also want to consider whether changing the product with that 
dropdown control should always go to the product home (default_handler) 
or if it should depend on context (i.e. go to the /products/<pre2>/wiki 
or /products/<pre2>/dashboard when selecting product from a <pre1> wiki 
page or ticket page respectively.)

>>   >  - From the produce list page, link to `product_view.html` for each
>>> product.
>> It's the Dashboard . The fact is that the default product URL
>> namespace overlaps with product_view.html in global scope but not in
>> product scope . Therefore , in order to provide a consistent
>> navigation in all contexts . Indeed /product_view.html is a kind of
>> dashboard too .
>> In the case of sub-domain deployments that overlapping does not exist
>> , that's why I noticed these issues ;)
>>> Maybe the //Home// button should direct there?
>> IMO the home button should point at the product home page , usually
>> the wiki but maybe other page in the web site depending on
>> configuration .
> Yeah, it makes sense to have Home direct to the default_handler.

If there is to be a home link then, yes, this would probably make the 
most sense. There seems to be potential for a bit of overlap of links 

>>> Thoughts?
>> I'd rather advocate inserting a new nav item e.g. View pointing at
>> $product_base_url/products/<prefix> which would be expanded to
>> /products/<prefix>/products/<prefix> in default install or
>> <prefix>.dom.ain/products/<prefix> for sub-domains (... or the
>> corresponding path if other URL namespace is deployed ;)
>> Items would look like this ...
>> View | Edit | Home | Tickets | Wiki
>> [...]
> Adding a View link sounds good. I think it would be good to do this for
> Release 8 since you've already made so many improvements to the Product
> List page (#677). I'll plan to work the ticket if you don't beat me to it!

Actually, I think things may be going a bit strange here. Do we really 
need both





Apart from being a little confusing, there is significant overlap with 
the product page adding some details about the product and the ability 
to edit or delete. Would it be worth unifying these pages? Is there a 
reason that we don't want the product information on the dashboard page?

Unification would make the View link redundant which may be a good thing.

I also note that, at this point we have four links per row that be 
default show exactly the same page: the product icon, home and browse 
links all go to /products/<prefix> and these show the same view as 
/products/<prefix>/wiki. That is a whole lot of redundancy.


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