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From Gary Martin <>
Subject Re: [Apache Bloodhound] #673: Many owners in My Ticket widget in /products/prefix page
Date Mon, 30 Sep 2013 15:30:09 GMT
On 30/09/13 14:57, Olemis Lang wrote:
> On 9/30/13, Gary Martin <> wrote:
>> On 30/09/13 07:14, Ryan Ollos wrote:
> [...]
>>> So should be just add a "Products" to the mainnav? I don't have a better
>>> idea, and it seems like a good enough choice (#678).
>> I'm not actually all that keen to add more to the default mainnav. I was
>> thinking that it might be better to provide a more uniform breadcrumb
>> across all views. We already have the ability to select products from
>> various ticket related pages and this has the All products link to the
>> products page. How would people feel if we also had this product
>> dropdown available for wiki pages, for example?
> In general the current version of products drop down is almost
> unusable when there are many products , especially using small screen
> sizes . Under such circumstances the list is too long and does not fit
> in the screen . Considering the fact that breadcrumbs remain fixed at
> the top on scroll this means that it's impossible to see and navigate
> to the last product links .

The way that we deal with that on the main dashboard page is to not 
display all that many. I agree this is something should be fixed for the 
product dropdown. A shorter list sorted in a way that is hopefully 
suitable for the user would be fantastic.

> [...]
>> I also note that, at this point we have four links per row that be
>> default show exactly the same page: the product icon, home and browse
>> links all go to /products/<prefix>
> afaict this redundancy is very common in mobile apps , some of which I
> used as a reference to propose that UI enhancement .

Does this correspond to best practice though? Is user understanding of 
the interface enhanced by the extra links? I don't know. I have my 
doubts that 4/7 links spread across the row all going to the same place 
is all that helpful here though.

Personally, I don't think the browse button is providing any benefit 
other than filling horizontal space for us. How is it different to 
browsing the tickets or browsing the wiki, both of which seem to me to 
have fairly obvious connotations. Am I missing the purpose that the 
browse button is meant to fill?

>> and these show the same view as
>> /products/<prefix>/wiki. That is a whole lot of redundancy.
> This might not be the case under certain configurations . Product
> landing page may be tweaked.
> [...]

Certain configurations, yes. But two of the natural configurations (one 
of which is default) keep that level of redundancy. If this were to drop 
by one link, it probably would not seem so bad though I would still like 
to find some clarity when Home links and either Tickets or Wiki turn out 
to be the same page.

OK, so, to continue my thoughts..

The home link just feels unneccessary unless a link other than that for 
tickets or wiki is specified. I suspect a user would know which of these 
choices they were after. Indicating which one of them was the home link 
might be nice I suppose but would take up space.

Would it be more intuitive for the icon, along with the product name 
text, to link to the product view rather than the product home? If in 
addition the product view (products/<prefix>/products/<prefix>) was 
unified with the dashboard (product/dashboard) then we would not 
strictly require the View link and the only bit of redundancy left would 
be that the Tickets link would be a repeated. I think that may be still 
be necessary so that there is a clearly labeled link to the tickets.

I reckon that we can come up with better use for the unused space this 
leaves. Also, is this products view going to be unified with the short 
list of products on the main dashboard?

Anyway, sorry for all this thinking-out-loud stuff. I am prepared for it 
all to be shot down if I see some good arguments.


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