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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject Re: The state of trunk
Date Fri, 20 Sep 2013 16:31:30 GMT
Hi !

On 9/20/13, Anze Staric <> wrote:
> Security suite is the only suite that does multiproduct testing (it
> upgrades the environment to multiproduct). Since BEP-0010, we modify
> ticket table to set UID as autoincrement, and increment ID manually.
> After each test, reset_db is called, but it does not recreate the
> tables, it just removes their content, so autoincrement field remains
> UID.
> If "single product" tests are run afterwards, they are run in an
> upgraded database, but since the version table has been wiped, they do
> not know that. Sql translation unaware of the upgraded database does
> not fill the id field in the ticket table so NULL gets inserted as
> ticket id, causing the errors you mentioned.
> Unless anyone is aware of a simple way to recreate the tables when
> needed, I'd go with reordering the tests.

All tests most (if not all) tests in bloodhound_multiproduct will
perform multi-product assertions as long as they invoke
MultiproductTestCase._upgrade_mp class method (... in my local copy
after applying patches for functional test suite , in /trunk this
might still be an instance method ...)

If there's anything else to do in order to upgrade the environment at
testing time then feel free to update that method . Your changes will
be propagated to all (unittest) tests requiring MP upgrades .

PS: Functional tests will not suffer with this problem since in that
case the whole installation process is performed and tests send real
requests to a real BH environment . Therefore the issues reported for
the functional test suite (and RPC suites) in my previous message are
indicators of bugs in BH core @ /trunk .


Olemis - @olemislc

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