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From Ryan Ollos <>
Subject Re: Modify Ticket Options
Date Fri, 20 Sep 2013 00:12:03 GMT
On Tue, Sep 3, 2013 at 7:32 PM, Ben <> wrote:

> On my Bloodhound 0.7 install, when click on modify ticket, I cannot modify:
> Product
> Assigned to (owner)
> Looking at ticket #647 <**bloodhound/ticket/647<>>
> I see someone asking about this with regard to changing the product. But
> I'm confused about what is said in the ticket. It seems to say
> a) that is complicated and can't be done until we finalize some ticket
> stuff
> b) here's how to do it.
> b) involves a batch edit of tickets, and that seems to work fine in my
> experience (for both changing product and owner).
> So, is there any reason not to have the modify ticket page let you do
> these changes as the backend is already implemented (I believe) as it can
> just be a batch change of one ticket. Is it just that this hasn't been
> implemented yet, or are there larger issues? (I guess changing the product
> is tricky as it changes the url to the ticket, but I think a warning would
> be sufficient.) Changing who is assigned the ticket seems straight-forward.
> Re: Proposals/BEP-0010 <**
> bloodhound/wiki/Proposals/BEP-**0010<>>
> which is referenced in the ticket. For what it is worth, I think
> Alternative 1 is quite nice. I would add an admin setting to select which
> of the two ticket referring methods to use for links from within bh:
>  /env/ticket/<ticket-id> -> (ticket-id) -> ticket
> vs
>  /env/products/<product-prefix>**/ticket/<scoped-id> -> (product-prefix,
> scoped-id) -> ticket
> as then you can choose it ignore product scoping if you want (I never want
> my urls to change and I don't want anyone linking to ones that might) or
> you can use it (maybe restricting access to some products at the web server
> level, cleaner url separation).
> (I'm really liking BH so far -- thanks everyone -- not being able to
> (easily) modify the owner of a ticket is the only hiccup I've come across
> so far, which is great)

Hi Ben,

Did the feedback from Olemis help you sort out the issue of not being able
to change the owner? Was it just a matter of not noticing the place where
it can be changed on the form? I could imagine someone focusing on the
//Assigned to admin// in the form shown below, and not noticing that the
button with the label //Status// allows the ticket owner to be changed
using the Workflow dialog. If you have any suggestions where we can improve
in this area, please let us know!

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