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From Matevž Bradač <>
Subject Move away from "default product" concept
Date Mon, 09 Sep 2013 13:00:50 GMT

As discussed previously on the devlist[1], the notion of "default product"
doesn't make much sense after upgrade from single-product Trac/BH installations.
Current implementation redirects most of the global requests into the default
product (e.g. /roadmap -> /products/@/roadmap), with some exceptions (/wiki,
/query etc.).

I've been looking into removing the redirects and the first part of the code
changes has been committed in r1521084 (#658). The new behaviour is outlined
* Global requests are not redirected to the "default product" anymore.
* Some of the URLs are handled in a special manner:
    * /qct - This works same as before, the request is processed by the global
      QCT handler and the user can specify a product from the dropdown.
    * /newticket - Called from the QCT, it currently redirects to the first
      product in the DB. This should probably be changed, so that either
      /newticket is always executed in global scope with a product dropdown
      (as in QCT), or that the request is redirected to the product currently
      selected in the QCT dropdown.
    * /ticket/<uid> - Looks up the ticket with specified UID and redirects to
      the specific ticket page (e.g. /ticket/UID -> /products/prefix/ticket/ID).
      For the default product UID equals ID, so the old URLs still work after
      upgrading to multiproduct.
    * /query - This was changed a while ago to allow queries to run in both
      global and product scopes. When run in global scope all products are
      queried (needed for global dashboard).
    * /batchmodify - Same as /query.
    * /wiki - Same as before, handles both global- and product-scoped wikis.

There are a couple other requests that should probably be handled in a specific
manner, namely /report and /timeline. IMO these should behave like /query - in
global scope all products are referenced. In addition the /report should allow
saving global, cross-product reports. Does this sound like the correct approach?

Please have a look at the code changes, any feedback is most welcome.

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