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From Olivier Mauras <>
Subject Re: First installation... my humble review
Date Wed, 06 Nov 2013 16:54:52 GMT

On 2013-11-06 18:43, Ryan Ollos wrote: 

> On Wed, Nov 6, 2013 at
7:06 AM, Olivier Mauras <>wrote:
>> Hello, I
met Gary Martin this morning on #trac and discussing quickly about the
look & feel of Bloodhound i ended up installing it on a test server.
Here's a compilation of the points that i find "lacking": 1/ Blocking
points for a production adoption - indeed that's only my opinion *
Product owner should automatically have admin rights to this product. I
plan on using Bloodhound in a multi product / multi users setup. I can't
imagine it working without delegating the product admin rights to their
owners * Products should be able to have their own source repo If rights
are delegated, I don't see any valid reason for owners to not be able to
add their own repos 2/ Confusing points * Tickets tab being the
dashboard Being a new user, I find it really confusing for the "Tickets"
tab for being the dashboard and consequently the only access to products
list. It would be way more intuitive - and faster - to keep the products
list dropdown at the left of the breadcrumb. * Not knowing where you are
This is indeed linked to the previous point, wiki and source pages don't
show the product in breadcrumb 3/ Eye candy * Source browser CSS may not
be the easiest to read All lines to the same color make it difficult to
catch things Age color highlight is too light and/or too close in colors
* There's place on the mainnav tabs As there's place available and that
one can enable timeline and roadmap from base.ini why not add them to
mainnav() to not have then in "More" tab? 4/ Graphic glitch [1] As you can see here
milestone bars are not displaying correctly. I think that's all I have
for now, thanks for taking time to read me. Olivier
> Thank you for
the feedback.
> * Your points about the navigation being confusing are
relate-able. We
> need to improve in this area.
> * You say that all
lines in the source browser are the same color. This
> could be due to
Pygments not being installed correctly. Do you have a
> "Syntax
Highlighting" tab on the prefs page (/prefs/pygments)? It could
> also
be due to the mimetype on a file being set to text/plain. The mimetype
should be autodiscovered for common file extensions if not set on the
> * I agree that we should offer more flexibility for users to
customize the
> mainnav. This will be improved in #636.
> * The roadmap
needs a Bootstrap template, which is why it is not visually
> appealing.
Some would say that the Roadmap is replaced by the Dashboard,
> but I
think we should make the Roadmap usable for those that choose to use

highlighting is ok, i'm talking about the "inside directory"
Having all lines to the same colors makes it less easier to
catch things when browsing a big file/directory
list. [2] for example default trac
alternate line colors. 


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