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From Gary Martin <>
Subject Re: Guidance needed to contribute to Bloodhound
Date Wed, 13 Nov 2013 10:18:23 GMT

On 13/11/13 10:00, Saint Germain wrote:
> Hello,
> I am a bit lost on the best way to contribute to Bloodhound.
> We can get the source from Subversion, from Github and Bitbucket and
> patches can be sent through patch/diff, github pull request and
> mercurial mq pull request.
> But what is the recommended  method ?

We might struggle to notice anything through github and bitbucket so the 
best bet is to go with a patch/diff at the moment. You should be able to 
either email patches to this list or attach them to a ticket on

> For instance, I saw that Olemis is using Bitbucket and mercurial-mq a
> lot, so I decided to invest a little time to learn it to try his
> patches. However I have some questions:
> 1) From where can I get the trunk ? If I qclone bloodhound-mq, I don't
> see the most recent commit in Bloodhound.
> I can use hgsubversion or hg-git to get the source from the official
> repo, but I was expecting an up-to-date mirror on Bitbucket ?

I am not aware of anything that can be considered an official mirror of 
the repo on bitbucket so you would be relying on Olemis to keep his copy 
updated with changes. The github mirror should automatically update.

Sorry that doesn't really answer the question but if you want source 
control for your patches, github might be a better bet for this reason.

> 2) Is there a guide to work with MQ on Bitbucket the way Olemis is
> doing ? For instance I saw that there is a dedicated branch for each
> patch, and reading the mercurial-mq documentation, I was expecting
> that all patches are on the same branch.
> How can I apply several patches ? Switching branch after applying a
> patch seems to mess things up.
> Thanks !

Unfortunately I don't have the knowledge to help with this aspect.


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