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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject Re: First installation... my humble review
Date Tue, 12 Nov 2013 19:41:21 GMT
On Wed, Nov 6, 2013 at 10:06 AM, Olivier Mauras <>wrote:

> Hello,

Below you'll see my quick comments ... I'll fast forward to recent messages
in this thread .


> Here's a compilation of the points that i find "lacking":
> 1/ Blocking points for a production adoption - indeed that's only my
> opinion
>   * Product owner should automatically have admin rights to this product.

Unless I missed something or a regression has been introduced in /trunk
that's exactly the case . This is enforced by the multi-product permission
policy [1]_

  I plan on using Bloodhound in a multi product / multi users setup.
>   I can't imagine it working without delegating the product admin rights
> to their owners

Nevertheless there's a difference between Trac and product admin role . The
former are site admins , i.e. they have access to the file system , sudo
etc ... whereas the later only manage product resources e.g. tickets , wiki
, ... If you could list all the instances we fail at doing so we'll be
looking forward to improve them asap

>   * Products should be able to have their own source repo

they can ...

>   If rights are delegated, I don't see any valid reason for owners to not
> be able to add their own repos

... but yes , there is a reason and it's due to the Trac vs product admin
roles mentioned above . Trac repository connectors operate on repos cloned
in the local file systems (or equivalent ;) therefore adding a new one
happens outside the web site boundaries is more like a task of site admins

Of course , I see your point and you are right . The current implementation
has to be improved . Nonetheless AFAIK there are no interfaces in Trac
providing entry points for creating / forking new repos (which is a
backend-specific task ...)

> 2/ Confusing points
>   * Tickets tab being the dashboard
>   Being a new user, I find it really confusing for the "Tickets" tab for
> being the dashboard and consequently the only access to products list.
>   It would be way more intuitive - and faster - to keep the products list
> dropdown at the left of the breadcrumb.
>   * Not knowing where you are
>   This is indeed linked to the previous point, wiki and source pages don't
> show the product in breadcrumb

This depends ... in deployments based on sub-domains , there's no strong
reason to highlight an specific product context .That might be helpful
though .

> 3/ Eye candy
>   * Source browser CSS may not be the easiest to read
>   All lines to the same color make it difficult to catch things
>   Age color highlight is too light and/or too close in colors
>   * There's place on the mainnav tabs
>   As there's place available and that one can enable timeline and roadmap
> from base.ini why not add them to mainnav() to not have then in "More" tab?

They should also fit in screen for smartphones and tablets ...

> 4/ Graphic glitch
>   As you can see here milestone bars are not displaying correctly.

AFAICR the roadmap view has been phased out , cmiiw .


.. [1]


Olemis - @olemislc

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