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From Saint Germain <>
Subject Re: Guidance needed to contribute to Bloodhound
Date Wed, 13 Nov 2013 10:22:32 GMT
Hello !

On 13 November 2013 11:10, Joachim Dreimann
<> wrote:
>> We can get the source from Subversion, from Github and Bitbucket and
>> patches can be sent through patch/diff, github pull request and
>> mercurial mq pull request.
>> But what is the recommended  method ?
> Code from Subversion and attaching patches/diffs to tickets. Github the
> official mirror for the code. We haven't yet received pull requests there
> so I'm not sure how we would best deal with them.

You can see on this ticket that I have tried using this method:

However it got a little messy/confusing quite fast (unfortunately that
patch touch a lot of files). And it is already broken against the
current trunk. :-(
As it is important to me, I am more than willing to maintain the patch
against the current trunk, but I suppose that sending an updated patch
to the ticket each time there is a needed change is a bit noisy.

I am also willing to learn to use Github pull request if this is the
official recommended way to manage the proposed patches.

But if the official guidelines is to use Subversion and diff/patches,
then I'll go this way and maintain my own mercurial-mq patches on my
local repository.

Thanks !

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