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From Saint Germain <>
Subject Guidance needed to contribute to Bloodhound
Date Wed, 13 Nov 2013 10:00:01 GMT

I am a bit lost on the best way to contribute to Bloodhound.

We can get the source from Subversion, from Github and Bitbucket and
patches can be sent through patch/diff, github pull request and
mercurial mq pull request.
But what is the recommended  method ?

For instance, I saw that Olemis is using Bitbucket and mercurial-mq a
lot, so I decided to invest a little time to learn it to try his
patches. However I have some questions:

1) From where can I get the trunk ? If I qclone bloodhound-mq, I don't
see the most recent commit in Bloodhound.
I can use hgsubversion or hg-git to get the source from the official
repo, but I was expecting an up-to-date mirror on Bitbucket ?

2) Is there a guide to work with MQ on Bitbucket the way Olemis is
doing ? For instance I saw that there is a dedicated branch for each
patch, and reading the mercurial-mq documentation, I was expecting
that all patches are on the same branch.
How can I apply several patches ? Switching branch after applying a
patch seems to mess things up.

Thanks !

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