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From Gary Martin <>
Subject adjustment to installation
Date Fri, 29 Aug 2014 17:19:10 GMT
Hi everyone,

I'm shortly going to be making some changes to installation that should
remain compatible with the current instructions but might improve the
installation experience a bit.

The changes are basically to add a to the installer directory,
move the actual installer code into a new package in that directory and
create a new in the base of the installer directory
to maintain compatibility.

In particular this will allow us to have an installer command that is
installed to a location on the path. Once that is done, a user will no
longer have to rely on a command line argument to specify an appropriate
place to install and instead the default will be to install the
environments in a bloodhound/environments directory where they run the
command from. Perhaps more importantly this will mean that users will
not need to keep the copy of the bloodhound code around that they
installed from in order to make new environments.

After that, I would like to look at updating the installation
instructions, and perhaps the installer script, to be more opinionated
about the setup in terms of things like directory locations.

I am also hoping that this will be pretty much the last thing to do
before we cut a new release. This is long overdue! Please tell me if
there are any things that we need to do to clear for release.


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