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From Branko ─îibej <>
Subject Re: Dogfooding multi product on i.a.o/bloodhound
Date Mon, 16 Feb 2015 16:37:38 GMT
On 16.02.2015 16:25, Olemis Lang wrote:
> Hi John !
> :)
> On 2/16/15, John Chambers <> wrote:
>> I have spent more time on this over the weekend and I now have a copy of
>> the live site on my local VM.
> [...]
> \o/
>> I already had bloodhound v0.8
>> installed so it was just a case of replacing the
>> bloodhound/environments/main with the archived one and restoring the
>> database. I had to make changes to the base and trac ini files because of
>> path changes and I then had to do a trac-admin upgrade to get the database
>> to the required version.
> Database upgrade should not be quite problematic considering that
> multi-product plugin's columns have not changed since some time and
> 4.0 includes MP DB structure but not the other aspects , mainly the
> isolated product envionments developed for BH>=0.6 . Something worth
> considering is the state of other plugins e.g. relations . Is it
> enabled and working ?
>> Now the main problem I have is that the process has created a new @
>> prefixed default product under which all the old tickets and wiki pages can
>> be found.
> Would you mind if default product prefix is set to something different
> , let's say BH ?
>> However I do not have a WikiStart page defined.
> I guess you mean in the global environment i.e. at base URL .
>> So my question is
>> what should I do?
> It is possible to create the wiki page and that's it but ...
>> Bare in mind that I will most likely be doing something
>> similar with the live i.a.o Bloodhound instance at some point.
> ... the question is what's going to happen with all the URLs (e.g. in
> messages instructions , archive , ...) pointing at i.a.o/bh/... now
> available at i.a.o/products/PREFIX/... (PREFIX=@ or PREFIX=BH or ...)
>> The options I can think of are:
>> 1. Change the setup so that we are using the default product to serve all
>> the pages.
>> 2. Create a new StartWiki page to allow the users to select the product
>> they want to work with.
> Considering the answers to questions above I might have another
> proposal ... which is basically to continue hosting the default
> product at i.a.o/bh other potential new products at
> i.a.o/bh/products/PREFIX and global admin at some other
> non-conflicting URL e.g. i.a.o/bh/global (<= but may a different
> naming convention be chosen as well)

I'd really hate having BH tickets etc. in the default product. They
should be in the BH/bloodhound product. To maintain URL compatibility,
we can design rewrite rules for the Apache config that make all
product-scoped tickets, pages, etc. visible at their old locations.

The reason why it makes sense to scope all BH stuff into its own product
is that it will then be easier for other projects to adopt BH as their
issue tracker. Most ASF projects currently use Jira, but some use
Bugzilla and at least one uses the tracker at If we make
transition to Bloodhound moderately easy, they may switch (and we may
convince Infra to provide a more powerful VM for the BH host).

-- Brane

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