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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject Re: Dogfooding multi product on i.a.o/bloodhound
Date Tue, 17 Feb 2015 00:18:26 GMT
On 2/16/15, Ryan J Ollos <> wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 16, 2015 at 10:55 AM, John Chambers <> wrote:
>> Brane,
>> I do like this idea. The way I would see it setup would be that the only
>> things in the global environment / base url would be the bloodhound /
>> trac
>> wiki pages

(IMHO) Important resources belonging in global environment :

1. Repository(ies)
2. Wiki pages with guidelines explaining
    * default BH user guide pages
      (i.e. exclude WikiStart , BloodhoundInstall , ...)
    * how to use this i.a.o/bh instance
    * it's relation with other ASF services
    * procedures like *how to setup new BH products*
    * everything about this particular BH instance ...
3. A completely new WikiStart
4. Global admin panels
    - What to do with plugin install form ?

>> and potentially only tickets about the infrastructure of this
>> instance of bloodhound (though these could be in a new product as well).

should be a separate product , let's say INFRA , BH-SITE ... add your  own ;)

>> We could then have a BH_ISSUES product which would contain all the old
>> tickets and attachments.
> Extrapolating on what Brane said, it seems like everything in the current
> Bloodhound instance should go in the BH product, including future tickets
> and wiki pages.


> The WikiStart page in the global wiki could contain some
> new content,

+1 ... IMO it should be something like and
may be improved with time . Alternately it may look like a dashboard ,
which is what seems to happen in , so
we could define the global default handler to be the DashboardModule .

> and ultimately be a placeholder for future use when there are
> multiple projects hosted in Bloodhound and we need a global wiki to orient
> users to all the projects, provide instruction on how to create new
> projects, etc ...

There is a page for that i.e. /products in global environment .

> Looking at the ASF Jira instance, the projects have URLs such as:
> So I think what we are talking about here is to have the new Bloodhound
> project be located at:
> (or

Considering BH default URL mapping this should be

> and have URLs with the base rewritten
> to

HTTP 301 ? I'd rather prefer doing so . In fact => . Nevertheless
since there will be still a global env , which URLs should redirect
user and which ones should not ?

> Having a separate project for Bloodhound infrastructure could be useful,
> e.g. BH_INFRA. There are probably a half dozen to a dozen open
> infrastructure-related tickets that could be copied to the new BH_INFRA
> instance.




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