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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Missing Bloodhound report and board concerns
Date Fri, 18 Mar 2016 16:43:45 GMT
(bcc: board@ for awareness)

Dear Bloodhound community:

The Apache board is concerned that your project has missed quarterly
reporting this month, and seems to have a difficult time getting reports
submitted in recent months.  One of the few hard requirements for an
Apache project is providing quarterly reports on the status of
development and community health, and ensuring that we have at least 3
PMC members available to provide oversight for the project.

Reviewing both the private@ and dev@ archives, it seems development is
stalled on the project.  With activity this low, the board generally
asks two questions to a project:

- Are there still three PMC members present and able to address security
bugs or major questions on the list?  If not, then we need to have a
discussion about an eventual move to the Attic.

- What is the community's plan to revitalize work on the project, to
draw in (and perhaps vote as committer/PMC member) some past
contributors to give them the ability to move the project forward?

This is not at all to point fingers, and we appreciate the work you all
have done both on the code as well as managing the project.  But the
board needs to see that there is still enough community here to provide
users the right expectation of maintenance.

Anyone on the PMC can submit a report if the chair/VP does not have
time, which should include:

We have resources for mentors, GSoC, and other community help:

If, after trying to increase activity, the project decides that there
aren't enough committers to maintain the project, we discuss the attic:

Thanks for your work!

 Shane Curcuru

(on behalf of the ASF Board)

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