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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] How to get out of this situation?
Date Mon, 23 Oct 2017 17:40:51 GMT
On 10/23/17, Jason Morgan <> wrote:
> I would argue there is a more fundamental problem with this project.
> It looks like an abandoned project before you start.  It has done for quite
> a few years.
> This is why there is little traction from both potential developers and
> users.


> I would propose a fork.  Move it away from Apache. Create a new home page
> and new working dist with decent user documentation. Abandon all the WIP
> cruft. Start over.

(Except for a few minor and irrelevant aspects) I do not think the
Apache Way is blocking us from moving forward . It's the inner details
of the current architecture (Gary, the other founders of the project
and the newer contributors might have a relatively good idea of what I
am talking about) that did not allow us to move forward beyond a
certain point . The most evident proof of this is that the public
issue tracker at b.a.o is not running yet the latest multi-product
architecture .

I do believe in moving forward with the project following the Apache
Way , even if I keep developing my own private fork for other reasons
. I already sketched a roadmap in my previous message . The first step
to get out of this situation , IMO , should be to start working on a
new BEP for a new architecture built on top of BEP-0003 but , at the
same time , fixing the problems blocking us from achieving stable


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