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From "Gary Martin" <>
Subject git repo for new bloodhound core work
Date Tue, 22 Sep 2020 12:55:51 GMT

Judging by previous conversations long past (e.g. [1], [2]) I believe I effectively have a
mandate to switch to using git for at least some of our work and so I think we may as well
try this out with the experimental 'core' bloodhound stuff and see how we got from there.

I am not expecting to migrate any old bloodhound work to any new git repo - any legacy work
can stay in the subversion repo for any ongoing maintenance. Also, I am not intending to drop
any of our other current usages of subversion, be they public or private so, for instance,
the "site" pages can remain there for now as I don't see as big advantages in moving these
things for the moment.

>From my point of view, I have been working with git more than subversion long enough that
I am finding it a lot more difficult to work with. Trying to use git-svn doesn't feel a good
enough solution for this, particularly at clone time. Maybe there are other solutions but
I am not sure it is worth putting in more effort to work them out.

So, unless there are any big objections, I will be looking to get this done today. As there
is already a bloodhound mirror of sorts on github with the bloodhound name, I will be calling
the new repo


This name obviously gives an impression that there will be multiple repos associated with
the new bloodhound. If anyone cares to change my mind on this naming, I think the `bloodhound-`
prefix is sensible and certainly consistent with all other apache projects I have spotted
so it will just be a question of whether there is a better "subname."



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