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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Is it time for Bloodhound to move to the Apache Attic?
Date Sat, 12 Sep 2020 14:45:22 GMT
While we very much appreciate Gary's repeated efforts to bring back new
life to Apache Bloodhound, reviewing the past year of dev/user/private
traffic and #bloodhound on the-asf's Slack, I don't see other energy.

The board meeting is this coming Wednesday, and we'd really like to hear
some feedback from the community one way or the other, since there
hasn't been a board report since May.

- If Gary and anyone who's been involved recently know it's time for the
Attic, please let us know - we could post and pass the resolution at
either this month's Board meeting or next month's.

- If you do feel like you have more energy to drive Apache Bloodhound,
then we need the PMC to perform a roll call, to show that at least three
people are still active and able to oversee the project:

Reminder: moving to the Apache Attic isn't a bad thing - it's just a
recognition that there's no longer an *active* PMC able to manage the
project here at the ASF.  All project code, website, mailing lists would
get turned read-only, but will *still be available* at the same URLs.

Thanks for all the work in the past, and the cute logo!


- Shane
  Director & Member
  The Apache Software Foundation

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