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From "Martijn Dashorst" <>
Subject Re: Git forking for fun and profit
Date Fri, 02 May 2008 19:04:15 GMT
On 5/2/08, Alexis Midon <> wrote:
> in the same way Apache has forked svn user versus non-svn users...

Apache hasn't forked svn users from non-svn users. At least, I don't
know of any Apache committer that doesn't use or has svn. I don't have
git installed, so I can't easily join or share the fun of buildr (not
that I'm planning)

The point I am curious about is are you going to use branches in svn
or not? Branches provide *the* way to communicate with the larger
community. Sticking with git will shut out the non-git users. If you
don't use the svn repo to communicate between core devs, then I think
you are going outside the established ASF rules of engagement.


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