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From "Assaf Arkin" <>
Subject Better error messages and Growl notifications
Date Fri, 25 Jul 2008 00:02:04 GMT
Now that we're past 1.3.2, and we have some time before 1.3.3, I
wanted to test out a few features that will make it easier to check
what Buildr is doing.  I rolled out these three changes to trunk/head,
I want to know if they make your life better, just plan annoying, and
any ideas for making them even better.

==  Stack trace

This is a feature we inherited from Rake which I really like.  Most
often builds fail because of mistakes in the buildfile, or just
pointing to the buildfile helps you figure out why it failed (e.g.
which set of tests ran last).  The default error message only shows
one line of the stack trace, pointing to the buildfile, so it doesn't
crowd the console with too much useless information.  If you need the
full stack trace you can run buildr --trace.

I'm toying around with making this a bit better, the latest change
will show any number of lines (usually just one) from the buildfile.
If you want to help find the right balance between two much
information and not enough, have a look at the
standard_exception_handling method in lib/buildr/core/application.rb

== Colors for errors

I think it's a good idea to use a splash of color for salient
information.  So I started by making error messages show up in red,
that way they're noticeable when you run Buildr from the console
(warnings are now blue).  Any ideas on how to use colors more

Colors would work on Linux, OS X, BSD and most other platforms where
Buildr can guess ANSI colors support.  On Windows you'll need to gem
install win32console before you'll see colors.  At least I think
that's how it works.

== Growl

For those of you running on OS X and have Growl installed (which I'm
told is practically everyone running on OS X), I added Growl
notifications for completed and failed builds.  You can turn them
on/off from the Growl notification pane.  I heard that Growl is coming
to Windows and there's an alpha out.

For those who don't know what Growl is, it pops up notifications on
the screen in a noticeable but non-obtrusive way.  So you can run the
build from one window, switch to do something else, and you'll see the
notification pop up when Buildr finishes.  More information:


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