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From "Assaf Arkin" <>
Subject [VOTE] Buildr 1.3.3 release
Date Wed, 08 Oct 2008 21:32:48 GMT
We're voting on the source distributions available here:


The documentation generated for this release is available here:

The official specification against which this release was tested:

Test coverage report:

The following changes were made since 1.3.2:

* Added:  JtestR support. Implemented pending jtestr specs.
* Added:  Growl notifications (OS X only).
* Added:  error, info and trace methods.
* Added:  Release task support for alternative SVN repository layout
* Added:  BUILDR-128 Emma support
* Added:  BUILDR-135. Extracted reusable replacement logic into Filter::Mapper
* Added:  BUILDR-148 It is now possible to set the version of various 3rd
          party libraries from the build.yml file.  Supported libraries
          include Ant and the various test and BDD frameworks.
* Change: Error reporting now shows 'buildr aborted!' (used to say rake),
          more of the stack trace without running --trace, and when running
          with supported terminal, error message is red.
* Change: Eclipse task updated to documented Scala plugin requirements
* Change: Buildr.application.buildfile returns a task instead of a String.
* Change: BUILDR-104 Buildr::group has :under and :version, but not :type.
          Now it has :type too (Lacton).
* Change: BUILDR-139 Incremental test run.
* Change: BUILDR-141 Removed NEXT_VERSION from release task.
* Change: BUILDR-148 ant-junit no longer included in root classpath, but
          specified during taskdef.
* Change: BUILDR-153 To customize the SVN tag used by the release task, set
          Release.tag_name to either the tag value or a proc that takes the
          version number and return the desired tag.
* Fixed:  Should not display "(in `pwd`, development)" when using --quiet.
* Fixed:  Release task's regexp to find either THIS_VERSION and VERSION_NUMBER.
* Fixed:  BUILDR-106 download(artifact(...)=>url) broken in certain cases
* Fixed:  BUILDR-108 Trace to explain why a compile is done (Lacton).
* Fixed:  BUILDR-109 Failure of "Buildr::Filter should respond to :include and
          use these inclusion patterns" (Lacton).
* Fixed:  BUILDR-110 Error creating buildfile from POM when missing plugin
          configuration (Geoffrey Ruscoe).
* Fixed:  BUILDR-112 Using a user gem repository with 'rake setup' (Lacton).
* Fixed:  BUILDR-114 Hash.from_java_properties does not behave
          like java.util.Properties (Lacton).
* Fixed:  BUILDR-116: TestTask should include the main compile target in its
          dependencies, even when using non standard directories (Lacton).
* Fixed:  BUILDR-117 Shared directory for both code and resources produces
          duplicate Eclipse classpath entries (Nathan Hamblen)
* Fixed:  BUILDR-119 Eclipse task does not accept test resource folders
* Fixed:  BUILDR-122: eclipse task should not check for directory existence
* Fixed:  BUILDR-123: eclipse task should honor ResourceTask's target directory
* Fixed:  BUILDR-124 unzip(...).from_path does not work correctly without
          include (Rhett Sutphin).
* Fixed:  BUILDR-126  Tests options are shared between unrelated projects when
          using #options instead of #using (Lacton).
* Fixed:  BUILDR-129. Modifying a project manifest should not alter it's
          parent project manifest.
* Fixed:  BUILDR-137 JRuby 1.1.3 and Buildr 1.3.2 don't appear to work
          (on Windows).
* Fixed:  BUILDR-138 ScalaTest premature use of Buildr::Repositories
          inconsistent with customizing locations.
* Fixed:  BUILDR-152 Project.task fails when task name starts with a colon.
* Fixed:  BUILDR-157 Tasks library not loaded from a submodule.
* Docs:   BUILDR-111 Troubleshoot tip when Buildr's bin directory shows up in
          RUBYLIB (Geoffrey Ruscoe).


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