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From Alex Boisvert <>
Subject Re: 1.4, Windows 7, and a few news
Date Thu, 20 May 2010 04:51:36 GMT
On Wed, May 19, 2010 at 6:31 PM, Antoine Toulme <>wrote:

> We still have no 1.4 release. The two RCs look good on most OSes, but
> Windows is not willing to cooperate.
> I installed a Windows 7 VM and tried to run the specs. They mostly failed
> on
> a Rake exception. I can investigate some more.
> I am still not convinced depending on RJB is the future. I would rather
> sever the links with it. My experience with Windows 7 showed me how hard it
> was to install Buildr on it.
> As a side note, I'm working on having rubinius support RJB, and Buildr, for
> fun and eventually profit. See my fork on github.
> We also JRuby 1.5 now officially out. We should try to support it
> correctly,
> which means more work on our end.
> All in all I think releasing 1.4 is now compromised, and we need to address
> stability issues related to RJB, as well as support JRuby 1.5 and in
> general
> become more OS independent to survive on the long run.

I'm not sure I'm following your logic here.   The failures I've seen on
Windows 7 don't seem related to RJB.  In any case, I wouldn't want to drop
support for RJB.   When it works, it's very practical.  We've managed to
make it work for all platforms before without too much sweat, so I think
it's a matter of sweating just a little more for this release.

To be blunt, I would say that what we need right now is not a discussion
about what platforms/configurations we should support but rather motivated
people to jump in and fix the few remaining issues blocking us from
releasing.   Windows and RJB are important platforms/configurations and as
far as I'm concerned, they are both worth delaying the release until we get
them right.

Unfortunately, I've been busy with a lot of other things recently and
haven't managed to follow through with testing + fixing failures on Windows
yet.   I *will* get to it but this shouldn't stop anybody else from trying
to save me a bit of sweat :)


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