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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Add tasks to attach generation tasks to?
Date Sat, 10 Nov 2012 03:32:10 GMT

Another thing I noticed across a whole bunch of projects is that they
usually create a per project task off which they can hang all the code
generation tasks off. i.e. They add a task like "myproject:generate"
that does all the source generation required for the project. Mostly
this is so they can generate code and then do most of their
development out of an IDE. However I notice that when I look at mavens
lifecycle at [1] they actually include phases by the names

* generate-sources: (Generate the main source code)
* generate-resources: (Generate the main resources)
* generate-test-sources: (Generate the test source code)
* generate-test-resources: (Generate the test resources)

I was thinking about trying to incorporate something similar into
buildr. What do you think would be the best approach?
* Add one "generate" task
* Add the maven generate tasks
* Add both tasks and have the generate task have all the maven
generate taks as dependencies

There would then be a process of updating all the addons to use this
new approach.




Peter Donald

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