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From Peter Donald <>
Subject [VOTE] Buildr 1.4.22 release
Date Sat, 28 Feb 2015 10:43:08 GMT
We're voting on the source distributions available here:


The documentation generated for this release is available here:

The following changes were made since 1.4.21:

  * Change: BUILDR-704 - Updated the Sonar addon to support the latest
version of SonarQube Runner. Submitted by Ross Mahony.
  * Added:  Add support for ipr.add_glassfish_remote_configuration
method that generates a remote glassfish configuration in IntelliJ
IDEA project files.
  * Added:  Add support for iml.prefix and ipr.prefix settings that
prefix the generated IntelliJ IDEA project and module files.
  * Change: Update the buildr gemspec so that rspec is no longer a
required dependency. This enables end-users to use a different version
of rspec and buildr in the same project. The rspec version MUST be be
compatible with the version used by Buildr if rspec features are used
from within Buildr. Buildr also issues a warning if the `check` method
is called and rspec has not been loaded. The warning includes
directions on how to resolve the issue. Submitted by r6p.
  * Fixed:  A long standing bug existed such that if tests failed to
compile, and the option Buildr.options.test is set to :all then the
compilation error would not result in a failed build. As many people
set the Buildr.options.test to :all in their continuous
delivery/integration tools, this has caused some problems. This has
been fixed by ensuring all the problems associated with the resolving
the prerequisites are not caught when Buildr.options.test is set to
  * Change: Update checkstyle to 6.1.1. Submitted by neher.
  * Fixed:  Avoid empty dependency issue in gwt addon if the
attempting to gwt compile a project that has no src/main/java.
  * Fixed:  Support dependencies in the gwt addon that are other local
projects rather that artifacts, without forcing a compilation of
dependency when parsing buildfile.
  * Added:  Support configuration of sql dialect mapping in IDEA
generated project files through methods on the ipr extension
ipr.mssql_dialect_mapping, ipr.postgres_dialect_mapping and
  * Added:  Support specification of the target project to which the
gwt compilation artifacts are added as an asset, by using
:target_project option.


Peter Donald

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