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Subject Buildr and SNAPSHOT revisions: update policy?
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2007 01:32:56 GMT
I hope I will be forgiven for lately sending 'complaints' to the list  
without also a patch. I've been very busy lately and I'm sending this  
in the hope that *somebody* understands the problem I'm trying to  
describe and has the ability to repair.

The problem is, when my project depends on artifacts from the Maven  
repo that are at -SNAPSHOT versions, I'm having to 'manually' nuke the  
cache repository before running buildr, because otherwise my  
aggregator is pulling in the same old (stale) SNAPSHOTs that were  
previously cached, the availability of a newer SNAPSHOT in the remote  
repo notwithstanding.

In Maven, we used to fidget with settings.xml to change the update  
policy to be more aggressive about checking for updated SNAPSHOTs.
In Buildr, it appears as though there is NO update policy; at least  
the evidence of my project makes it appear that Buildr does neither  
check daily, nor with any other frequency: if the artifact with the  
given maven coordinates is already in the cache repo, that's the one  
that will be used, no matter how much older it is than the remote repo.

Maybe someday real soon, I'll post a test case that fails. For now,  
I'm hoping somebody has time on their hands and an inclination to fix  
my problem. In the meantime, the workaround is (as stated above) to  
nuke the cache repo before calling rake.


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