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From "Ingo Schmidt" <>
Subject Re: Re: sftp, include etc.
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2008 11:41:49 GMT

> The change in SVN should accept the password (untested, running on blind faith)

Thanks! It does indeed accept the password now.

> That got dropped when I reorganized some files around, added it back.

Thanks again. Also works now.

> This shouldn't work, but '**/*.java' would as would '**/*.{java,xsd,bat}'.

It did use to work. I am using '**/*.xyz' mutlitple times now because that:
has never worked for me and still does not. Are you sure it really works? I have copied&pasted
it from your mail. It would be really nice if that one worked, because I would use it a lot.
An expression like this:
is also supposed to work, right?

About including/excluding I have one more question. I have a folder "src/main/webapp/myfolder".
It is only needed in production deployment, so I want to exclude it for all other builds.
I did this:
mywar = package(:war)
And it does the job. But would this not exclude ANY folder called "myfolder", e.g. if there
was a folder "src/main/webapp/subfolder/myfolder", would that one be excluded, too?
I have tried these:
I can see why the latter won't work, but the first two I may have expected to work. So what
is the way to do this properly? Maybe add an example to the docs?

> Sorry about that.

No problem. I gained experience :)

> I just proposed on buildr-dev that we do a feature freeze on 1.3 and just
> work on stability, outstanding bugs and documentations, towards a release.

Good idea. I think buildr does have quite a few nice features in its current svn state. I
will keep giving feedback/reporting bugs, especially under Windows. Seems like I am one of
the few using it exclusively on Windows.

Oh, and I could not find any documentation how to use settings.yaml. I tried&errored a
bit and this is a working settings.yaml, that defines 2 remote repos and the upload details:

    - "http://myhost/repo"
    - ""
    username: "buildr"
    password: "buildr"
    url: "sftp://myhost/var/www/repo"

Maybe that could be included in the docs somewhere?

Cheers, Ingo =;->

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