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From "Assaf Arkin" <>
Subject Buildr 1.3 is out!
Date Thu, 01 May 2008 23:49:21 GMT
New and improved in 1.3:

Support for multiple languages, not just Java.  1.3 adds support for
compiling and testing Groovy and Scala projects, and a new API if you want
to go and add support for any other language.

You can also test your Java/Groovy/Scala project using Ruby and the RSpec
framework (requires JRuby).

Speaking of JRuby: yes.  Buildr now runs on JRuby, 1.1 or later.  The JVM is
a bit slow to startup, so we also got Nailgun server support.

JRuby and RJB have different ways to access Java classes, JRuby's is nicer
so we wrote a little adapter to make RJB work like JRuby (if you're not
using JRuby, then you're using RJB).

Besides JUnit and TestNG, we got three BDD (Behavior-Driven Development)
frameworks: JBehave, RSpec and EasyB.

RSpec is the one we use for Buildr itself.  Besides running the entire test
suite, we also use it to document the official Buildr specification, which
we keep updated on the Web site.

We've got support for EAR packaging, and also packaging of files in addition
to artifacts.

New to this release is build.yaml that you can use alongside the buildfile
to specify things like remote repositories, addons, artifacts, etc.  There's
also a settings.yaml that belongs in your home .buildr directory.  We'll be
adding more features that use these two in upcoming releases.

And speaking of addons, first we have a cleaner API for writing extensions.
 And, we played around with different options, only to realize the easiest
way to package and distribute addons is in the form of Ruby Gems.  So 1.3
provides a way to list these gems in build.yaml and will download/install
them on request.

We have new guide for setting up Ruby/JRuby and Buildr, and two new sections
on the Web site, one with common recipes for using Buildr, the other for
troubleshooting and workarounds, both collected from the mailing list/JIRA.

For everything that's new in 1.3, with more details than I can provide here,
head over to the what's new page:

And last but not least, thanks to all of your for making this happen, and
putting up with the delay.


PS We have two broken links on the site, I'm working on fixing those.

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