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From "Andrew Pietsch" <>
Subject Newbie: More Issues
Date Fri, 16 May 2008 03:41:11 GMT

So I managed to find the antlr task and I've had some limited success.
Here's some observations.

   1. The antlr task wasn't referenced in the documentation and the code
   itself didn't have any API documentation.  Not sure if this is an accidental
   omission or not, but I was forced to find read and understand the source
   code before I could use it, which isn't great from a ruby newbie point of
   view.  I understand though I'm probably starting out on a edge case.
   2. The generated code was placed in target/generated/antlr, which felt a
   bit weird to start with (given that IDEA now has to point to directory under
   target for a source path).  I'm happy enough with that but it would probably
   be a nice addition to the Projects/DirectoryStructure documentation.
   3. On running `buildr idea7x` IDEA happily included
   target/generated/antlr in my projects source path (which was some nice
   magic), but it also included target/resources as well.   Now I have both
   src/main/resource and target/main/resource on my source path (so I have
   duplicates when I search).
   4. The idea7x module also didn't seem to update my module (.iml) files
   once they have been created.  Thus I had to delete them and re-run the
   target.  I'm not sure if this is a bug or not.  Also the maven repo variable
   had to point to ~/.m2/repositiory and not ~/.m2 which seem a bit weird.  The
   user experience could easily be sweetend here by having the idea7x task
   printed out a little help not after running.
   5. I wanted to create a gen-src task so I could generate the source
   independent of compiling i.e. buildr gen-src.  I couldn't really find an
   example of defining your own task (i.e. a equivalent ant's <target
   name=...>).  This sort of thing is still very daunting for a ruby newbie.  I
   think examples of this form would be really beneficial in getting Java
   developers with little ruby experience up and running faster.

Please let me know if I should enter in any bugs.


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