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From lacton <>
Subject [buildr] Order of classpath for running tests
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2008 14:50:46 GMT

I'm using buildr and I have an issue with the order of the
classpath used to run my tests.

My project directory structure is somewhat like that.

--- src/
------ main/
--------- java/
--------- resources/
------------    # This one is for the real world
------ test/
--------- java/
--------- resources/
------------    # This one is for testing and
should override the other one

When I run 'buildr test', buildr launches my tests with the following
classpath :
...lots of jars...:myproject/target/classes:myproject/target/resources:myproject/target/test/classes:myproject/target/test/resources:...a
few jars for testing...

The problem is that 'target/test/resources' comes after
'target/resources'. My tests are seeing the wrong property file.

How would you tackle this issue?



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