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From lacton <>
Subject Re: [buildr] Order of classpath for running tests
Date Thu, 26 Jun 2008 16:33:03 GMT

>> The problem is that 'target/test/resources' comes after
>> 'target/resources'. My tests are seeing the wrong property file.
>> How would you tackle this issue?
> test.with
> this would add test.resources earlier in the classpath.

Thank you. It now works exactly as I wanted.

> Separately, I don't remember paying attention to this, so maybe we
> talk about what the right order should be, and if we're doing it
> wrong, file an issue and fix it.

I created issue BUILDR-88.

> Would it be better for test classes/resources to come before compile
> classes/resources so they load up earlier in the classpath?

I think it would make sense, as it's the way maven works.



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