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From hemant <>
Subject Bug with repositories.local =
Date Tue, 29 Jul 2008 19:05:14 GMT

I have been using buildr for building my Scala projects and its been
working pretty well. With 1.3.2, for newly added dependencies(on scala
testing libs), I added maven repositories and buildr fetched them and
put them as required. But while building my project, buildr is
ignoring the directive:

repositories.local = "dependency"

and it still tries to look for those jars in ~/.m2 directory. I worked
around the problem, by declareing an environment variable,
"local_repo", but  it seems that changes of "repositories.local = "
are taking place a little late in the building order and while during
actual build jars are getting picked from correct location, but search
still takes place in default directories.

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