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From "rp.andrew.moore" <>
Subject Using Include/Exclude when Packaging Jars
Date Tue, 09 Sep 2008 20:35:13 GMT

Hi, I'm relatively new to ruby and buildr, but I'm running into some trouble
when including or excluding class files for a jar.

I'm building two jars from the same sub project... one jar has all but a
couple class files, while the other jar needs to exclude all but a couple
class files.

It seems like this does what I expect when excluding a few files:


There are a few class files that begin with "Foo"... for example: Foo.class,
Foo$1.class, FooUtil.class, etc...

But when I try and just include the "Foo" class files in a second jar, the
following jars all the files under target/classes and target/resources:

    package(:jar, :file=>foo_jar).include('**/Foo*.class')

I would expect my 'foo.jar' to only include class files starting with 'Foo'.
Instead, I get every under target/classes.

What am I doing wrong? How do I accomplish packaging multiple jars from the
same sub project containing different class files?



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