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From Assaf Arkin <>
Subject Re: Postponing test compile to after all modules have compiled
Date Thu, 15 Jan 2009 16:25:46 GMT
On Thu, Jan 15, 2009 at 1:38 AM, Henrik Thostrup Jensen
<> wrote:
> 2009/1/15 Ittay Dror <>:
>> Alex Boisvert wrote:
>>> The only segfaults I've seen on Ubuntu were cases using JDK 1.6 with RJB.
>>> You can use either JDK 1.5 or switch to JRuby if you want to use JDK 1.6.
>> I have run into many segfaults. The reason is usually a deep recursion which
>> exhausts the execution stack (a ruby stack of 20 methods is something like
>> 400 c functions stack). Since Rake uses recursion to invoke prerequisites of
>> tasks and since Buildr uses a lot of task dependencies (e.g. compile.with
>> project('B')), this happens when the project tree gets large. As far as I
>> remember this happens on *nix systems, not Windows.
>> The way I debug this is by using trace to find where approximately the crash
>> happens and then turning on method tracing in ruby.
>> If running on *nix, try increasing the stack limit ('ulimit -s unlimited')
> I tried this and compared buildr --trace with regular ulimit, it
> doesn't get any further :-/.
> The dependencies in the project are quite complex.
> I am also using JDK 1.6, and tried to downgrade to 1.5. However many
> (most) of the libraries I need to use are compiled with 1.6, making a
> downgrade very inconvenient.
> The segfaults does not appear to come a particular place though:
> ** Invoke sgas:iterator:build (first_time)
> ** Invoke sgas:common:test:compile (first_time, not_needed)
> zsh: segmentation fault  buildr --trace
> ** Invoke /home/htj/src/sgas/sgas-git-buildr/buildfile (not_needed)
> ** Invoke /home/htj/src/sgas/sgas-git-buildr/iterator/target/main/classes
> (first_time)
> zsh: segmentation fault  buildr --trace
> Any ideas, before I bow my head, and go back to maven :-(.

Buildr for JRuby.

I had similar issue under Ubuntu, Ruby and JDK 1.6. If I ran a task
that took a while, say a minute, Buildr would seg fault at some point,
not always the same point. No such problem with Ruby/1.5 or JRuby/1.6,
so I would recommend switching to JRuby.


> --
>   - Henrik

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