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From "Henrik Thostrup Jensen" <>
Subject Specifying local files in repository
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2009 14:02:44 GMT

I am trying to setup buildr for an existing project, but have run into
some problems specifying dependencies:

1. I would like buildr to use jars installed in /usr/share/java,
instead of downloading them. The typical repository structure is not
used in /usr/share/java, it is just a directory with jar files in it.

2. The build requires some jars which are not available in any
repository (AFAIK), but only locally. These are installed somewhere
else than /usr/share/java.

Can this be done?
And can be done using $HOME/buildr.rb?

Also a note on the buildr installation (gem + classic ruby):

When installing dependencies gem installed the newest version, but
buildr requires some older versions, which I had to specify manually
before gem would install buildr. It is not a huge issue, but would be
nice if it worked out of the box.


   - Henrik

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