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From "Henrik Thostrup Jensen" <>
Subject Postponing test compile to after all modules have compiled
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2009 22:35:48 GMT
Hi again

Got basic jar dependencies working (thanks Alex), but ran into a
problem with circular dependencies in between projects:

Some of the tests in a module (say A) depends on a module (B), which
requires A to build. So I need to make buildr understand that it
should do something like:

A.compile, B.compile (with A), A.test.compile (with B).

I've grokked at, and
tried setting test.compile.with, but buildr coughs up a circular
dependency detected. Is there any way to make buildr do this?

Also, I'm running into some segfaults sometimes. They are
deterministic, but can often disappear with changing a bit in the
buildfile. Is this a known problem?, I am using version 1.3.3 (and
should I try out the trunk?).


   - Henrik

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