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From Timo Rantalaiho <>
Subject Re: How to run a webapp in jetty
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2009 21:14:21 GMT
On Sun, 15 Feb 2009, Martin Grotzke wrote:
> my goal is also not to restart jetty all the time. In our last project
> we used tapestry5 which has built in automatic class and template
> reloading, therefore this was solved already. Our next project will
> probably be done with wicket, for which I also want to have javarebel
> integrated for both class and template reloading. My goal is not to
> depend on a local installation of each developer but to have a build
> environment that provides the required bits.

I like to do something like this

0) Get all project dependencies with their sources
    e.g.  buildr clean install idea artifacts:sources
   ...the dependencies include a fresh version of Jetty

1) develop with your favourite IDE

2) run Jetty programmatically in IDE with something like this

  ...on javarebel if you want better hotswap than plain Java debug mode

3) only restart Jetty when necessary

4) only repeat 0) when dependencies change (or you are 
   using snapshots)

In day-to-day development I don't see much value in running
the servlet container with the build tool, except for
automated in-container tests (that must work also on build
server for example). In that case too sometimes it can be
done with e.g. JUnit (Group)Runner that starts and stops
Jetty as needed.

Best wishes,

Timo Rantalaiho           
Reaktor Innovations Oy    <URL: >

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