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From Antoine Toulme <>
Subject Extending Buildr optionally
Date Mon, 23 Feb 2009 11:03:10 GMT

I am working on extending the Buildr::Project class so that a project can
represent an Eclipse feature. We also have the same work to do to make the
project represent a plugin.
Those two natures are mutually exclusive, and both add a lot to the
Buildr::Project class already.

I thought of adding a mechanism for projects to explicitly set their nature.

module Buildr4Eclipse
>   module ProjectNature
>     include Buildr::Extension
>     attr_accessor :nature
>     # Returns true if the project has the specific nature
>     def has_nature(n)
>       ...
>     end
>   end
> end
> class Buildr::Project
>   include Buildr4Eclipse::ProjectNature
> end

Then I added a hook for the feature:

module Buildr4Eclipse
> # A hook to add dynamically the feature methods and attributes to projects
> that have the :feature nature
>   module FeatureProjectHook
>       include Buildr::Extension
>       before_define do |project|
>         project.extend Buildr4Eclipse::FeatureProject  if
> (project.has_nature("feature"))
>       end
>   end
> end
> class Buildr::Project
>   include Buildr4Eclipse::FeatureProjectHook
> end

My test units show that it worked but I was a bit suspicious. The define
method is not evaluated in the same way in test units.

Indeed, now this works:

> define('foo', :nature => "feature") do |project|
>   project.feature_xml
> end

 But this fails:

> define('foo') do |project|
>   project.nature = "feature"
>   project.feature_xml
> end

I am not sure at this point whether this happens because of the manipulation
that is made on the define method to make it execute correctly during tests,
if it is expected, or if I should not push further because it is too hacky.

I also might be missing something obvious as to how set the project nature.
Maybe there's something equivalent in Buildr I missed ?



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