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From Daniel Spiewak <>
Subject Re: Welcome to Rebase Hell!
Date Sun, 01 Mar 2009 16:37:08 GMT
I like the idea of building a new GitHub clone based on the SVN.   
Rebasing all the experimental stuff is tedious (especially for non- 
commiters), but there really is no way around it.


On Mar 1, 2009, at 6:57 AM, Victor Hugo Borja <>  

> I guess Buildr was one of the first Apache projects using git for
> development. Our github mirror at vic/buildr from incubation days was
> created from server, and as Assaf mentions, TLP there  
> seems
> to be some restrictions on using git-svn on asf/ directory level on  
> that
> server, so our best bet would be to use eu.svn..
> One issue is duplication of commits history because Git uses the  
> author
> name/email to create the hash for a commit. Actually we faced this  
> problem
> back early when we started playing with git, a bare git-svn clone from
> would have git-svn generated user name/email for the  
> commit
> hash. When we pushed into github, we did using our real name and the  
> email
> address we were using for our github account. That caused our commit  
> history
> duplication due to having different user info on each commit,  we  
> kinda
> solved it using a etc/git-svn-authors file so that git-svn could  
> know which
> apache account mapped to github accounts.
> Now, we could easily use Jukka's git mirror[1] but we have some  
> issues to
> solve.. Jukka's mirror was created by a bare git-svn checkout (yet  
> it uses
> our real user names and apache addrs), so if we push these commits  
> to github
> we would have again a duplication of commit history, because commits  
> on
> Jukka's mirror have been signed with our apache account and know  
> nothing
> about github (doesn't use etc/git-svn-authors).
> I'd propose using [1] and push a fresh clone from it to vic/buildr.  
> Using
> GitHub IMHO has many advantages over just using [1], first is we  
> have more
> control over when to update the mirror with current branch, and can  
> keep it
> more up-to-date if needed, we can push directly to it, and easily  
> use the
> fork queue to integrate other's changes. In doing this we (buildr  
> commiters
> using github) would need to make some changes..
>  - Get a fresh clone from [1] and cd into it
>  - Use your apache account to git push (would have done this from the
> beginning)
>     git config
>     add on your github account so it can recognize  
> changes
> made by you.
>  - Now the tedious thing would be to get changes from your  
> experimental
> branches into your new clone without having duplicate commits.
>  - I would update git-svn-authors to use our apache email addresses,  
> and
> also update the buildr-git to use eu.svn as [1] does.
> What you think about this?
> [1];a=summary
> -- 
> vic
> Quaerendo invenietis.

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