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From Henrik Thostrup Jensen <>
Subject Re: Buildr not resolving dependencies correctly
Date Mon, 16 Mar 2009 11:00:18 GMT
Hi Ittay. Thanks for your reply.

2009/3/13 Ittay Dror <>:
> it's hard to reply because the url you gave for the buildfile is not
> responding.
> according to the snippet above, you're trying to create a dependency through
> 'desc', which is just defining the description of a task.
> using 'define' instead is not good either. since it means code_copy will be
> done before the project is defined.
> what you want is to create a dependency from compile. something like:
> define 'xmldb'
>  compile.enhance([:code_copy])
>  ...
> end

This was what i was looking for. Thanks.

> also note that the compile task can accept multiple source directories
> (normally it works from [:source, :main, :java]), so instead of copying to
> the main source directory you can write: compile(<path to generated
> sources>) (you can use path_to or _ for project relative paths. ).

Okay, this is way nicer than trying to merge the directories. We're
doing this now. Works excellent. Thanks a bunch.

   - Henrik

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