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From Jeremy Huiskamp <>
Subject Re: Update to site and documentation
Date Mon, 27 Apr 2009 18:14:56 GMT
I'm not sure if this is related, but I'm noticing that example code in 
the documentation doesn't seem to be coming through, either on the 
website or in the pdf version.  I took a brief look at the source and it 
looks like anything inside "<notextile>{% highlight foo %}" tags is 

Sorry if this has already been reported.  A quick scan of jira and the 
mailing lists doesn't turn up anything...

On 9/14/31 2:59 PM, Assaf Arkin wrote:
> Last week I switched our documentation system to use Jekyll[1]. Before the
> switch we used Docter to generate the Web site from Textile documents and
> HAML templates. Jekyll replaces that with Textile documents and Liquid
> templates.
> The main reason for the switch: I have a strong preference to maintain as
> little code as possible, and since I was the one maintaining Docter, I was
> also always on the lookup to replace it with other people's code. Jekyll was
> built for Github page[2], so it's bound to get more care and attention. It's
> also, for those of you using Github pages, one less tool to learn.
> The only change to the Textile files was the title/layout header that Jekyll
> requires and using different tags to markup code snippets. Syntax
> highlighting is now done by the more powerful Pygments, a Python app. PDF
> generation still done by PrinceXML.
> If you like the idea of using Textile to generate HTML and PDF, there are a
> few more tips on my blog[3].
> Another change, we're not using the Hanna template for the API documentation
> (RDocs). If you look at the left-side navigation pane[4], you'll notice a
> search bar that does as-you-type method search across all classes/modules.
> While on the subject of documentation, the Web site (and PDF) have two
> sections called Recipes and Troubleshooting. The Wiki has two sections
> called "Buildr How Tos" and "Common Problems and Solutions". I'd like to
> consolidate both.
> The Wiki is much easier to edit than the Web site, so my preference right
> now is to consolidate these duplicates and move them over to the Wiki, with
> a link from the Web site navigation. Where it says Recipes right now it will
> say HowTo and link to the Wiki instead of another page on the site.
> The downside is that these two pages will no longer be part of the PDF.
> Assaf
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]

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