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From Andrew Moore <>
Subject Running code after a package task has completed
Date Mon, 18 May 2009 22:38:19 GMT

Hi, I'm struggling to understand how I can run some ruby code after I package
a zip file.

Here is a paired down version of my sub-project definition:

def 'release' do
    package(:zip, :file=>_('target/')).enhance do |zip, file|
        zip.path('mydeploydir/two').include 'mytextfiles/*.txt'


I'm not understanding how to invoke my 'run_AFTER_packaging' method after
all my various files are included in my zip. My 'run_BEFORE_packaging'
method runs, followed by my 'run_AFTER_packaging' method, which is then
followed by the actual execution of the package task... (in which all the
various files get added to the zip).

I'm not very familiar with Ruby or Rake... and I've tried searching through
all the Buildr and Rake docs and tutorials I can find. I'm assuming there is
some sort of basic concept I'm not grasping, the docs and tutorials gloss
over something basic or the way of doing this isn't intuitive enough. 

Any help in showing me what to do to accomplish this, as well as
enlightening me on what concept I'm missing is much appreciated. 



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