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From Martin Grotzke <>
Subject Detect duplicate deps for :war packages
Date Tue, 25 Aug 2009 07:24:11 GMT

this is related to my other post: I want to detect duplicate artifacts
for a package of type war. For a "webapp" subproject it might look like

  package(:war).with :libs=>[project('core').compile.dependencies, compile.dependencies]

For us this leads to several duplicate libs in WEB-INF/lib that I would
like to filter out.

Also a good thing would be to be able to specify which version to use
for a certain artifact.

I also found the artifact_namespace.rb, which seems to allow more
advanced artifact handling, but I don't see if this would help in this
situation. Right now we specify artifacts dead simple like
FOO = transitive('group:id:type:version')
and use this in project.compile.with.

Any hints how to improve this situation?

Thanx && cheers,

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