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From Mat Schaffer <>
Subject Specs not running in my project
Date Wed, 30 Sep 2009 15:17:34 GMT
So yet more questions. I'm still working on getting buildr working for  
the java-mateview component of redcar. I separated it out into an  
"api" project which contains just the java and junit tests and a  
"specs" project which contains the rspecs used to test ruby  
integration. The problem now is that although everything appears to  
load correctly, the rspec portion just shows: "0 examples, 0 failures"  
and I get an error that seems to be triggered by an empty result.yaml.

I get the same behavior when running the full java command (from  
running with --trace) or jruby target/spec/runner.rb from the specs  
folder. I also tried putting a raise in one of the ..._spec.rb file  
and that worked, so it seems like the specs are getting loaded just  
not executed.

This is jruby 1.4.0dev (same behavior on 1.3.1), buildr-1.3.4-java,  
rspec-1.2.8. I'm going to try a simple jruby+rspec test to see if  
maybe there's a problem there, but I suspect it has something to do  
with how runner.rb is getting constructed.

Source is up at Thanks in  
advance for any assistance or ideas.
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