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From Gilles Gaillard <>
Subject Re: ant refugees
Date Thu, 17 Sep 2009 07:27:15 GMT
Hi Alex,

Thanks for the quick answer!

For the record, find below at the end of my reply what I did to invoke
ant targets from existing ant scripts:
- from a Ruby script (without using buildr).
- from inside a regular buildfile for buildr (your code with a minor
   correction  (Main.main)  - just showing where to insert it)
Note that there is a little trick to fix the classpath is the sample calling
antwrap alone. I think that this would be fixed in a cleaner way by taking
as example the buildr code in buildr/java/rjb.rb

My opinion is that the ability to use existing ant scripts could ease the
migration to buildr by enabling to keep on using some specific targets, but
I'm not there yet ;-)

-- Gilles

require 'rjb'
require 'antwrap'

# initialize the ant library
# NOTE: this also load the JVM via JAVA_HOME/jre/bin/xx/jvm.dll
#       The drawback is that the javac target must:
#       - be forked in order to be able to specify the path to the javac compiler
#       - the attribute 'executable' must be set
#       Additional notes: see below

# This does not work I guess 'load' can be called once only (to be checked)
# Antwrap::AntwrapClassLoader::load_ant_libs('F:/java/jdk1.5.0_09')
# Adding the following line in antwrap_utilities.rb solves the problem
# jars << 'F:/java/jdk1.5.0_09/lib/tools.jar'

# load needed java classes - see gems/Antwrap-0.7.0/lib/rjb_modules.rb
Main = Rjb::import("")
# simple call equivalent to invoke on the OS command-line: 'ant compile'
Main.main([] << 'compile')

alternatively to run a given target after loading the build.xml file:

# now, instead we want to load a full project from a given build file
# and invoke a list of targets as we do usually
# add the following line to rjb_modules.rb
# ProjectHelper = Rjb::import("")

# then add the following methods to gems/Antwrap-0.7.0/lib/ant_project.rb
     def configure(fname)
       file = Rjb::import('')
       f = file.new_with_sig('Ljava.lang.String;', fname)
       Antwrap::ApacheAnt::ProjectHelper.configureProject(@project, f)

     def executeTargets(args)
       vector = Rjb::import('java.util.Vector')
       string = Rjb::import('java.lang.String')
       v =
       args.each { |s| v.add(string.new_with_sig('Ljava.lang.String;', s)) }
# then load the project from the build file and invoke a target
project =
project.executeTargets([] << 'compile')

buildfile for buildr
define "my-project" do

   project.version = VERSION_NUMBER = GROUP
   manifest["Implementation-Vendor"] = COPYRIGHT

   task :antCall do
     p 'calling ant..' ['-file', 'build2.xml', 'my-target'] )

then on the OS command line:
> buildr test-buildr:antCall

Alex Boisvert a écrit :
> Hi Gilles,
> On Sat, Sep 12, 2009 at 7:17 AM, Gilles Gaillard <
>> wrote:
>> I think I'm one of these ant 'refugees' you spoke about in your July mail
>> exchanges.
>> Since I noticed you didn't make any progress in publishing the page you
>> were speaking
>> about in your mails (I know free time is a rare thing ... but users like to
>> see updates
>> and news produced regularly ;-) I thought that the following questions
>> could also help
>> you to understand what kind of questions such a refugee could expect an
>> answer to.
> Yes, good initiative.  I'm sure it can help people reading this list or
> searching the mailing list archive at a later time.
> So here the list of questions, divided in two parts:
>> 1. Basics
>> - where does buildr expect to find ant itself
> In your local Maven2 repository.  If it's not available, it will try to
> download it from one of your configured remote repositories.
> - where does buildr expect to find ant scripts
> Buildr doesn't use ant scripts directly but there are several ways to
> integrate with ant:
> 1) use ant tasks directly by using Antwrap (preferred)
>   Buildr.ant(name) do |ant|
>     ant.copy :todir =>'foo' do
>       ant.fileset :dir=>'bar'
>     end
>     ant.replace :file=>"", :token=>"@foo@", :value=>'bar'
>   end
> 2) call ant's main() directly using RJB
> [options] [target]
> 3) invoke ant using java and Ruby's
> system('java -Dant.home=c:\ant [options] [target]
> ')
> 4) invoke ant using ant's shell scripts
> system('ant -buildfile foo.xml')
> The last three allow you to call ant scripts directly.
>> - for syntactic reasons linked to ant history, I must currently keep on
>> using ant-1.6.2
>>  is that a blocker point - where do I specify the ant version I want to use
>> ?
> In buildr.yml, simply add:
> ant: 1.6.2
> - my projects layout looks like the standard one you described but is not
>> exactly the same.
>>  For example, the 'target' build directory is named here 'build'. Where in
>> buildr can I
>>  change the layout or the directory names ?
> See
>> - As a first step wouln't it be better for my use-case to use ant-wrapper
>> without buildr ?
> Depends if you want to take multiple small steps and refactor in-between or
> one giant step and be done with it ;)
>> 2. Next steps
>> As a next step, I would like to improve my build and reduce the complexity
>> of scripts usage
>> by implementing an upper layer by using buildr/ruby making all ant public
>> targets available.
>> Is that the way you expect ant users to proceed, what advices would you
>> give me for that
>> purpose ?
> Personally, I don't see much gain in reducing complexity by moving to Rake +
> Antwrap alone.
> If your build fits Buildr's model of compile, package, test, etc. then I
> would make the jump to Buildr directly.
> Perhaps a good approach is to try on one project and refine the approach
> until you've gotten the significant gains (productivity, complexity, ...)
> before you move to other projects.
> Last note, I would have expected to find an 'Overview' page somewhere
>> between 'Getting Started'
>> and 'Projects' that gives an overview of the system and how it works.
> Agreed.  We sort of assume familiarity with Maven2.  I'm working on
> something that will address some of this but it's not ready yet....
> alex

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